Your Search for a great Program DJ for your Political Event ends right here!

Basic Sound Business Services is a full-time program DJ. We are available when you need us, during the day, in the evening, indoors or out. This, coupled with our commitment to making your event better, and our understanding that the event is about you, not us, sets us apart from run of the mill DJ services.

Politicians and Campaigns need to maximize the effectiveness of their events, most of which include speeches, and ensure their message is delivered, loud & clear. We understand this, as well as the need for intelligibility in sound reinforcement.

Basic Sound Business Services has extensive experience providing service to politicians. During the Campaign Season, we are ready to serve you for your Rally, House Party, Fundraiser, and even Parades and Debates. Holding a Town Hall Meeting. We’ll provide your dais microphones, audience microphones and an operator to control the mix and help keep the event professional.

Your campaign has a printer, a mail house, and other providers that you depend on throughout the campaign. You select them because you need quality, reliable services, often on short notice. Please consider making Basic Sound Business Services part of your campaign for the same reason. You need affordable  quality, reliable audio-visual services that will make your campaign as effective as it can be.

Check our availability with the link below and explore the many kinds of events we have listed. We will work with you to ensure that you specific needs are met. Although we have product frameworks, every event has specific needs that we will meet.

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