Workout Sound: Runs, Walks & Rides

Punxsutawney Phil tells us that Spring is just around the corner, sometime after the next snow storm, or the one after that.

VDAY_Mud RunWhen it arrives, Spring will bring all nature of rides, runs and walks for charities and for fun! Of the elements that make these events work, music tailored to the activity and a public address system that keeps the participants informed enhances the event, keeping it moving on schedule and enjoyable for everyone.

Announcements have to be intelligible (understood) to move folks from the parking area to registration to staging to the start line. Your sound engineer must have the skills and understanding of audio to make this happen. All of have attended events where, after an announcement, we heard and said, “What did they say?”

Warm-up music should reach out to the greatest demographics, containing elements that help the participants warm-up both bicycle-race_42046_600x450emotionally and physically. Audio providers should have a broad collection of music designed to enhance the exercise aspect of your event, music with a beat that will help bring up the heart rate and get people ready to go!

If an event contains a formal warm-up, led by a celebrity, a headset microphone is a must! Remember seeing the exercise leader calling out the instructions as they demonstrate the exercise while trying to hold a microphone, dropping it, or watching as someone tried to hold a microphone up to the leader’s mouth. Don’t let that happen at your event.MikeStart

Core to all of this is an audio provider with the knowledge and experience to make your event the best it can be, providing the equipment and music that keep your participants coming back year after year!

Share your stories of successes and unmet challenges here, not only improving your next event, but that of the organizers of other events attended by your supporters.


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