AutoMixing: Managing the Microphones for Corporate Panel Discussions

Sound reinforcement providers have always struggled to manage multiple live microphones. The problem is that every open microphone diminishes the output of every other open microphone. The sound operator at events with lots of microphones spends all their time trying to keep up with the levels.

This problem doesn’t rear its head at live music performances. It comes to the forefront when there are several presenters or speakers at an event. Panels of speakers are the most difficult to manage.


Basic Sound Business Services has added the industry standard solution to their arsenal – AutoMixing.

This solution maintains the level for each speaker while minimizing the interference from microphones that are not being used by their presenter, thereby providing the presenters who are speaking with the cleanest, clearest sound for the audience.

When someone joins the conversation, their microphone is activated within milliseconds and the balance between all of the microphones is maintained. Your audience doesn’t get cut out of the conversation by microphones that cut-out.

We have all read about, or experienced, the problems encountered by panels at business meetings, political debates and other events. It doesn’t have to happen to you!

If you sponsor panel discussions, presentations with audience Q&A, Town Hall Meetings, debates, or any event with multiple speakers or presenters, call on us to make your event better.

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