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Basic Sound Business Services

Your Search for a great program DJ or Sound Reinforcement ends right here!

Basic Sound Business Services exists to make your event better, and help you get your message to the people you need to hear and understand it.

From this point forward, change the way you think about how a DJ and Sound Reinforcement company looks, sounds, and leaves you feeling. We are a Program DJ service, which means we do most of the hard work before we arrive at your event and concentrate on helping you make your event the best it can be.

Basic Sound Business Services is a full-time provider. All day or all night, we are available to serve your needs. Our experience extends to corporate events, political events, charitable fundraising, races, fashion shows, weddings, funerals and more.

Networking at BMIHere’s what we bring to your event

  • Full time staff dedicated to making your event better. No part-time, evening or week-end only DJ. Day or night, this is what we do.
  • Inclusive Services & Pricing – This is huge, and one less thing you have to think about. All equipment, time, phone calls, meetings, ideas, walk-throughs and rehearsals are included.
  • Personal Planning – The person you call, email, and meet with is also the DJ at your event.
  • Enormous (and legal) music library.
  • Professional Sound Systems – This really makes a difference.
  • Professional System Operation – We know the difference between how to present the spoken word and how to present music.

Bringing decades of management experience in the for profit and non-profit worlds, and more than ten years experience providing the environment and means to make your guests feel good at your event, Basic Sound Business Services gives you affordable, hands-on assistance to help you and your organization succeed.

When you are holding an event that needs the right ambiance, the right music, the right equipment and the expertise to make sure your audience hears your message loud and clear, or if your band or venue needs professional sound reinforcement, Basic Sound Business Services is your go to source.